At The Breathe Network, we recognize that many of the healing professionals who are most passionate about healing sexual trauma come to this field of work through their own encounters - direct or indirect - with the trauma of sexual violence. We are also clear that healing is nonlinear and that we both need and benefit from different forms of support at various stages in our journey.

To intentionally acknowledge and support those who straddle the realm of survivors and healers, we have brought two of our courses together. Through this unique bundling of Embodied Healing: Trauma-Informed Yoga and Meditation for Sexual Assault Survivors and Healing Sexual Trauma: A Professional Training in Trauma-Informed Care, participants will be able to more deeply embrace their interconnected experiences of seeking out sources of healing and holding space for others' healing. In our experience, healing is often a reciprocal encounter and through their healing collaboration, both the client and the practitioner may be transformed. 

Both of our courses are sensitive to the unique vulnerabilities of survivors, while also honoring the tremendous strength, insight, and gifts that this community holds - including how they show up in the realm of their work as trauma healers.

You’ll explore the somatic impacts of both individual and collective trauma, the nuances of trauma-informed care from a variety of therapeutic lenses, experiential somatic healing practices including yoga and meditation, cutting-edge insights on stress and resilience physiology, understanding and working with triggers and flashbacks for both survivors and healing professionals, sustainable self-care practices, survivor advocacy, and more.

These courses will support you in continuing to nurture your healing journey by engaging with practices and teachings that invite your body as a partner, combined with discovering the subtle and profound ways in which an anchoring from within your own shape can bolster your skill, capacity and presence in your practice with your clients. 

What’s Included in the Course

The combined content includes 35 video interviews, transcripts, and a complementary curriculum rich with supplemental video, audio, and reading content to deepen the conversations we are engaging in the course interviews.

You’ll also receive 7 experiential yoga and meditation classes of varying lengths and from various teachers to support you in building or enhancing your at-home somatic healing practice. 

Participants have ongoing access to all course content and updates/additions that we make over time. This allows you to move through the courses at a pace that feels right to you and to revisit material as needed. It is up to you to choose when you begin to review the content as well as to choose the rhythm at which you move through it.

Teaching Team

Melissa Appleton Berry, Molly Boeder Harris, Kate Busby, Jane Clapp, Hiroko Demichelis, Randy Ellison, Lisa Erickson, Mark Gerow, Peter Gold, Margaret Howard, Maira Holzmann, Laura Khoudari, Ryan Maher, Nicole Marcia, Jamie Marich, Santa Molina Marshall, Robyn Mourning, michael munson, Kerry Naughton, Nkem Ndefo, Klarissa Oh, Jennifer Patterson, Jessica Schaffer, Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Lawrence Stern, Manisha Tare, Lara Veon, Greg Wieting, and Zabie Yamasaki


Partial scholarships are available for this course through our Embodying Survivor Justice fund. We will prioritize access for Black, Indigenous, People of Color. Please contact Tosha at: [email protected] to learn more about this program. 

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