About the Toolkit

Co-authored by 8 trauma-informed yoga teachers, this 70 page guide is designed for healing professionals and trauma survivors to explore the profound ways in which yoga can support trauma healing.

The toolkit combines both survivors' perspectives as to the risks and rewards of yoga as told to us in our research study, Alternative Therapies for Survivors of Sexual Assault, with the insights teachers offered regarding best practices to increase safety and connection in yoga.

Trauma-Informed Care & Yoga Toolkit

Welcome To The Breathe Network’s Trauma-Informed Care & Yoga Toolkit. Whether you’re just discovering our organization or have been involved with our work for some time, we are glad you are here.

Our core understandings about the impacts of sexual violence and trauma, along with our commitment to increasing access to sliding-scale, trauma-informed, holistic healing care, guide our work every single day and shaped this resource for survivors and healthcare/healing professionals.

As it relates to the toolkit and to our larger endeavor to center healing within the movement to end sexual violence, it is our experience that when survivors are met with healers who are equally committed to their own nonlinear healing process, there is greater alchemy.