The Wisdom of the Nervous System with Jessica Schaffer

Video Interview with Jessica Schaffer (1 hour)

With Jessica Schaffer, we explore…

-how the nervous system is impacted by trauma and why working with the nervous system is important for sexual assault and trauma recovery

-the vulnerabilities of healing practices that aim for catharsis, and how to create resources, grounding and safety in practices that might organically, and more safely, lead to a cathartic experience

-the foundational elements of Jessica’s signature healing and resiliency building program, Nervous System Reset, what it is, who it is for and how to access it

-what it means to refer to a “dysregulated” nervous system, and when and why being in a dysregulated state makes sense, and is also an appropriate response to an overwhelming situation

-the wisdom of the nervous system under duress (fight, flight and freeze)

-an experiential practice and tool to help a person notice, ground and center themselves

-Jessica’s why for doing this work with survivors

Jessica Schaffer Transcript

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